Funk Zone


fzThe Funk Zone is an area of Santa Barbara undergoing a revival, evident in its many new or recently upgraded wineries, artist studios, surf shops, retailers, hotels and some residential development.  It is a very mixed-use neighborhood bordered by State Street, Stearns Wharf, East Beach and the 101 freeway. The area was formerly an industrial and manufacturing area, in stark contract to Santa Barbara’s typical downtown use and architectural style.

fz4Santa Barbara has always been a haven for artists, artisans, wine makers and chefs looking for a slightly different approach. Thanks to the growth of The Funk Zone, this neighborhood location has exploded into a contemporary Santa Barbara sub-culture of artisan shops, art galleries, hip eateries, award-winning microbreweries, and even a craft distillery. Don’t be deterred by the name; the area doesn’t have a funk so much as it does a vibe. Artists, winemakers, and up-and-coming chefs have taken up shop in aged warehouses and forgotten scuba shops, transforming the zone into an understated array of hidden hot spots along California’s Central Coast.  Recently, the Funk Zone has received renewed interest from locals and wine lovers due to what is now known as the Urban Wine Trail. This trail moves through the many wine tasting rooms within and outside of the Funk Zone borders, and includes Santa Barbara Winery, Oreana Winery, Municipal Winemakers, Whitcraft Winery, Pali Wine and Kunin Wines.

Spend your day in The Funk Zone channeling your inner artist, by visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara’s satellite location at Hotel Indigo or taking a tour at The Santa Barbara Art Foundry. Grab a bite to eat and dine family -style at The Lark. And how could one forget, the Funk Zone is home to countless tasting rooms and a few special wineries, making a day, or afternoon of wine tasting Santa Barbara County’s best, fun and easy. Additionally, 5 of the many wineries located in the Funk Zone are also part of the Urban Wine Trail!

If you’re wondering how best to get the Funk Zone, it’s easy. Cruise on foot, or catch a ride in a pedicab, a preferred method of transportation in this neck of the woods. You can also bike from downtown, hop on the waterfront shuttle, or take the Amtrak-the train station is conveniently located in the heart of The Funk Zone.

fz5Real Estate in The Funk Zone consists of a large mixed-use, spanish style condo project on the corner of Yanonali and Santa Barbara Street, a few isolated single-family homes, and a handful of new mixed-use developments with a residential component including work-live lofts at the corner of Yanonali and Gray Avenue.

If you are interested in learning more about residential real estate in the Funk Zone, contact Andy Madrid directly by phone (805-452-1456) or email. Follow all the latest real estate news on the Santa Barbara Real Estate Blog, search the Santa Barbara MLS, or Follow Andy Madrid on Twitter. I look forward to serving you and your real estate needs.