images (11)Noleta is the red-headed step-child of the family. By choice. Refusing to be clumped in with Goleta, Noleta is the unofficial name of the unincorporated region between Goleta and Santa Barbara. It is made up of the zip codes 93105, 93110, and 93111.

It’s called Noleta due to its residents continuously voting “no” on being incorporated into the city of Goleta. The residents believe that having a Goleta address will lower their property value and insist on remaining a part of the Santa Barbara sphere of influence.

Bounded in the east by Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara, by Goleta in the west, by the Santa Ynez Mountains in the north, and the Pacific Ocean in the south, Noleta’s name is sort of silly and presented as a pun on the more famous “North of Little Italy” in New York.

San Marcos High School is a resident of Noleta. And so is the Page Youth Center, a community sports complex that focuses on building character through the use of athletic activities. The quaint and cozy Goleta Coffee Company sits across the street from San Marcos High and has since considered renaming themselves the Noleta Coffee Company, jokingly of course. Goleta Coffee, or GoCo as the locals would say, provides incredible service combined with a delicious menu and comfortable atmosphere. They even have a fireplace.

Tucker’s Grove is one of the most popular parks not only in Noleta, but in the city of Santa Barbara. It’s literally tucked into the hillside, shaded in trees. Every weekend you’re bound to find a bounce house there with a massive family barbeque. You can call to make reservations for a small fee.

The homes that make up the neighborhood of Noleta are very diverse, as is the demographic of people that live here. From tiny apartments to giant ranches and million dollar mansions, you’re bound to find something up your alley if you’re looking for a home here.