samarkandThe name Samarkand comes from an archaic Persian word meaning “the land of heart’s desire.” The name first applied to a deluxe Persian style hotel that was once an all boys’ school. The neighborhood is composed of the homes between Las Positas, State Street, De La Vina, Oak Park, and the freeway.

The topography of the area includes gently rolling hills and great views of the mountains and even a couple peeks at the ocean. Cottage Hospital lives there and so does Oak Park. Oak Park is home to many of Santa Barbara’s most notable festivals and provides great entertainment for the whole family. The Earl Warren Showgrounds and Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course are just across the street so prepare for an adventure.

images (5)The Earl Warren Showgrounds, or the fairgrounds as they’re more commonly called, are always offering something fun and entertaining, mostly family friendly events. With roller derby bouts, rodeos, swap meets, and pumpkin patches, not to mention the annual fair, the Showgrounds are an envious front yard.

The Loreto Plaza is conveniently located at the Las Positas and State Street intersection to take care of all of this neighborhood’s needs. Chaucer’s Bookstore is a local favorite. Peruse the thousands of books in their selection or head on over to Gelson’s, which is one of the nation’s premier supermarket chains. Party supply stores, Harry’s Café, and Renaud’s Patisserie and Bistro all live in the Loreto Plaza as well. Lots of fun places to frequent and just around the corner from Samarkand.images (10)

The Samarkand neighborhood rises up to its name as the land of heart’s desire, at least for those who desire a very pleasant place to live.