The Riviera

The Riviera


rivieraNamed for its close resemblance to the Mediterranean coasts of France and Italy, the Santa Barbara Riviera bridges the two-mile gap between Sycamore Canyon and Mission Canyon.

Similar to the mesa, the Riviera is a tough cookie to navigate. The roads are very windy, very narrow, and very steep. Both biking and walking aren’t the most convenient methods of travel on this slippery slope. It’s inclined location makes it more valuable due to the commanding views it offers of not only the ocean and the cityscape, but the islands offshore as well.

Several peaceful parks freckle this neighborhood as well. There’s the lover’s lane rendezvous called Franceschi Park and there’s Parma Park, which is rarely occupied and provides a lazy daze oasis. Enjoy the views and the serenity of the Riviera as a resident. An older population inhabits this area as these homes are aged to perfection and passed down among families. Lots of empty nesters and retired couples dwell here. The yards aren’t very big and the roads aren’t very safe for roaming children.

Mission Ridge Road is a favorite for early morning walkers and runners. Watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain in Santa Barbara is a magical experience. Alameda Padre Serra Road is the main thoroughfare of the Riviera, threading its way along the hillside. Its entry point is right near the mission and it flutters ribbon-like along the mountain all the way to Montecito.

This neighborhood is intricately adorned with stone work terracing built by twentieth century Italian immigrants. The architecture of some of the homes is stunning. The landscape architecture is immaculate as well. Plush with thick foliage and secret gardens, the Riviera is seductive and desirous. It will melt your heart.